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Check out the deal i got on this XT cassette!!!!!!!!!!!

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It really helps that your job is so boring that all you do is play on ebay 6 hours every shift!!!!!!!
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The title says it's an 11-32, but the text says 11-34.

It's an 11-32. The four arm carrier is for 11-32s while the five arm carrier is for 11-34s. Plus I counted the teeth so I wouldn't sound stoopid.
yeah thats what i wanted. i think he might have messed up and meant to put it as a .99 starting bid, but i asked him and he said no. oh well. no i dont no wether to use this cassette or the pg990 that i got for $40 bucks. decisions, decisions!!!!!!
If you decide to go with the PG990, I'll give you $1.98 for the XT cassette.

That's double of what you paid!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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