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check out my rack!

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sorry to dissappoint but it is a bike rack.

I have been piecing it and the stereo together and it is almost finished now. The rack has both a thule side-arm and a big mouth as I was able to find them used but didn't want to take the wheel off of my lefty. Took it out for a spin today and they looked like they barely moved. The rack in the middle has been there a while and I just replaced the actual bike carriers recently. I have had close to 200 lbs in it on a previous camping trip and it worked great.

The last 3 pages are my stereo installation. If anyone needs an alarm or a stereo installed let me know.......
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I dig what you did with the interior, especially with the amp, very nice! I have a Tacoma and I have thought about fitting an an amp and a sub under the rear seats in what are currently little storage compartments.
Hmm, might take you up on the stereo install. Once I get all my bits and pieces together...
I have two small projects on the interior that I hope to finish by the weekend and then I am open to new projects if anyone has one.
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