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I'm looking for some cheaper rear tire options vs specialized and maxxis.

I ride a SJ Evo in Western Colorado (mainly the lunch loop trails) so conditions are hard pack, loose over hard and lots of sharp rocks. Generally I grind up technical climbs and then bombing back down. I also do some Enduro races and bike parks each year.

On this bike Im running a 2.5 assegai up front and have used mostly 2.3 specialized eliminators T7/T9 grid gravity out back. I've also ran one maxxis Disector DD maxgrip also.

Both these tires work well and I'm happy with their performance. The issue is they wear out way too fast. Most of the time I'm lucky to get 2 months before knobs start shredding, side wall cords showing, punctures, etc.

Granted, I need to try a harder compound tire, but at this point I've kind of accepted I'm not going to get much more use out of them.

So instead of paying $70is for specialized and $100 for maxxis, I wanted to see if there are cheaper options?

I'd like performance, rolling resistance, etc, comparable to the eliminator or Disector and would need a DD or gravity casing.

Any input on some good alternatives?

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Vittoria tires tend to have a really long treadlife.
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