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Im not trying to sell anything and i have no affiliation with this company whatsoever. However, i thought it would be worth pointing out that the rockshox pike 29er is on sale for £480 through rutland cycles.

I believe its limited to white dual position 29 150mm. 650b and 26 are still in the less reasonable price bracket. (over £600)

Also 51mm offset g2 geometry is £500. Ive gone for this version on the basis that handling should be quickend up to counter the fact im increasing travel and slackening head angle slightly. This is all based upon reviews and forum chat - i have no experience of 51mm offset forks.

This is the first real price drop ive seen on this fork and ive been waiting since the day it was first announced for the price to become vaguely reasonable.

Just warning that theyve emailed me to say it wont ship till next week so they must be getting serious demand.

Ill let you know how it rides compared to my 140mm revelation 29. Ive had real stiffness issues with that fork despite the fact i only weigh 155lbs. Has anybody had the same issues? Im riding a 2012 Norco Shinobi 2 with 120mm of rear travel.
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