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I am a member of our Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board and one of our activities that I organize is giving away bicycle head and tail lights to needy people. This is the result of our last effort (scroll down for photos):
We install the lights to make sure that only needy people receive lights, to avoid reselling, and to make sure they are installed properly. We target day labor sites and homeless congregations where there are bound to be jalopy bicycles. We have other events (i.e. kids rodeos) where we give out other safety equipment.

$5 head light from link above
* bright
* unreliable
* fragile
* standard battery size

I like the Vista Total Eclipse Tail Light from Price Point.
* cheap $10 (superflash is better, but too expensive)
* bright
* waterproof
* standard battery size (AAA)

So the dilemma is to find a decent headlight. I tried a search, but most threads deal with more expensive lights. This is the closest I could find, but burn times are too short. My problem is that there are so many low-end headlights that it is difficult to choose. We plan to buy a minimum of 50 sets and I don't want to make 50 wrong decisions. Max price is $27 each. I would appreciate suggestions for cheap headlights that are as bright as can be!

This is an example of the problem... so many lights in the $15-$27 price range!
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