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yes, I searched mtbr forum and now I found the list of cheap pedals.
I prefered to spend aound $30 and metalic colored pedal. also want to have the pedal as large as possible.

I am thinking of
Primo Super Tenderizer ($20)
dmr v8 ($28)
ANIMAL HAMILTON- unsealed ($34)
I like price of primo pedal and metalic color but it looks smallest of three.
dmr v8 looks good. I like the color of animal pedal but it's most expensive and unsealed pedal.

any feedback on these pedals?

beside these pedal, can anyone recommend other brand?

also cheapest place to buy these pedals?

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kimguroo said:
what color did u buy it? how much and where did you order it?
I bought the red ones from Dans Comp for $20, it came to $28 and change after shipping.

I just got them today actually, and I threw them on the bike to test. Just from riding around my yard I know Im gonna like them. Large platform for my foot, and super grippy. And I can tell you that I will NEVER ride these pedals without my shin gaurds. I see myself bloody and in pain otherwise, lol.
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