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I've are my key words. I've been looking into replacing my wheel set and I'm no racer, definitely not. The reason is that the rims on my bike were not great to begin with. Had no problems since September, then I have a bit of a crash into a tree and my wheel gets bent. Got it repaired and it works for a commuter, but it's not the most trustworthy and confidence inspiring on the trail...

I've been considering the idea of picking out the parts myself. For the rims, I am considering asked sx44 rims or sun ringle mtx33 (for front only), rhynolite, or inferno rims.

For hubs in definitely thinking SRAM 506 up front and x7 for the rear. That'd be a step up from what I've got.

What else should I be considering as far as spokes, miles, etc goes?
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