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Cheap Frame Conversions?

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I'm looking for opinions on converting a low end mountain bike to SS. I keep seeing many deals on complete Diamondback bikes (e.g. Nashbar:

The componentry on these bikes is crap, BUT the frames look decent. They appear to have hydroformed aluminum frames and support for disc brakes. Plus, I could always use the crappy components for some other cheap bike (or just sell them).

So, I'm just looking for opinions on these types of frames, because there are a lot of deals out there, and this could be a cost effective way to build a decent SS MTB.
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It would be more cost effective, if you're already buying from Nashbar, to just get the ss 29er. "Hydroformed aluminum" doesn't mean anything.
Yeah, "hydroformed" doesn't mean anything to me either. I was just pointing out the fact that this is a modern frame (made in China) of decent quality. But I could be wrong about that. If so, please explain...

Any thoughts on the conversion? Does it sound like a good idea, or should I just look else where for a better frame?
The conversion does not sound like a good idea. Just pick up the SS 29er they sell.

Hydroformed is just marketing speak. It's basic welded aluminum just like everything else that's made in one of like 5 or 6 factories overseas.
Have you looked for used bikes already built, you can find older bianchi's ss series relatively inexpensive, or jamis exile, there's usually good deals out there on used ss. It's alot more expensive to upgrade components than to buy already built. Even so if your gonna spend several hundred dollars on a new bike then hundred or so to add components, you should be able to find a good ss for 400-500, might be rigid but so will the fork that comes on the Diamondback in several hundred miles.

I know this due to my first ss was a cheap haro conversion that originally purchased for around same price and went through two cheap forks before actually spending the money on a decent one that would last longer than a month without ceasing up. Also began upgrading small parts like handlebars, stem, seat, seatpost, etc. and wound up spending in long run alot more than a good ss new bike would cost. Go used!
You can get a new Monocog (26 or 29) for $400 or so. Used will be $200 or less. Actually, my LBS currently has an older (but new) 07 Monocog 26 for $250. Call/look around. Classifieds on this site has some good deals, too.
I'll 2nd the used option. You can always come out ahead buying used and scoring better components. Craigslist, fleabay, the classified section, etc. Check with your local club too - someone is always trying to sell something to buy something else (or maybe that's just me).

The only way I would buy new cheap would be if I had a stockpile of better parts to upgrade with.
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