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Cheap bullet camera

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I set about building one from scratch, with the criteria it must equal the resolution & functionality of the high end versions 480 line from viosport and others. Here is what I've got:

SONY EXview 480 line Bullet Camera $137 (call them about their ebay bullet cam)
BNC-RC adaptor $2.5
RM-VD1 LANC Remote $33.17
8cell AA battery Pack $1.59 Radioshack
Mic ??? - I have a couple of computer mics available which I'll test out.

Total cost is below 200, about $100 less than pre packaged systems.

Its only missing a method of mounting it to the helmet.
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yup, thats my plan for now.
Probably a stupid question, but what are you going to capture the video feed onto? You need to have the camera connected to a recorder of some sort, right?
yup, you'll need a camcorder. Anything which can record from AV input, only canon and Sony have a LANC controller . you could also hunt for an EBAY camcorder with a busted CCD/lense for cheap - seen them going for less than 50 bucks.

Another option is a videojukebox, archos or RCA lyra. The RCA lyra can record from an AVinput direct onto MPEG4 format. Quality, I heard is iffy, but It is lighter.
From personal experience, the lipstick cams have NOTHING on a minidv mounted to your helmet and no wires from your pack to get tangled. I'm currently thinking about making some more vidz, but this time I'm gong with the minidv and an additional replacement program. :D
the sony exview 480 lines pleasantly surprised me - it was far better than expected. Granted not as good as a minidv on your head, but certainly very acceptable.
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