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cheap and durable spare wheelset ideas

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After being without a bike after my wheels tacoed I’m looking for some insurance in the form of an extra set of cheap and durable set of wheels (cheap probably means pre-built). Ideas for good options? Need to have:

• 20mm thru-axle for front
• Disc compatible F&R

Thanks guys.
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I just purchased some Velocity Blunts with Shimano XT hubs from Ebay new for $215.00. They weigh 2,270 grams so hopefully your not worried about the weight.
Having trouble finding something cheap with a 20mm thru axle... ideas?
Bicycle Wheel Warehouse does customizable wheelsets and includes some 20mm hub options. Link #1, link #2

You can also possibly get a handbuilt set depending on the budget and selected parts. Universal Cycle's wheelbuilder site quoted me ~$350 (not including shipping) for a dimension 20mm hub, M756 XT rear hub, WTB DDFR rims and silver Champions
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