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Cheap 9mm Thru-axles

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I bought a conversion kit for my Hope Pro II to convert from QR to 9mm thru axle. So far, the cheapest bolt I've been able to find is:

but I love the design from Superstar Components:

but they don't ship to the US. And $50 for a DT Swiss RWS, sounds steep. Would this work instead:
9mm thru-axle skewer for Saris Bike Racks

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Hadley is the stiffest solution... that's why you probably want to convert your hub.

alexkraemer said:
This is the worst one
alex_k said:
This is the worst one
What have you heard about the Superstar skewer?
it looks like one i have

QR is still QR and I can tell difference between this QR an DT RWS bolt - almost no disk brake rubbing while cornering.

PS it is not bad, just not good as a solid bolt
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The Hadley only needs one 6mm Allen

The Hadley 9mm bolt only needs one 6mm Allen (hex key wrench) to install and remove, the nut on one side has a tab that fits in the fork dropout to keep it from spinning.
Balle Racing
Awesome! I just picked up the skewer, but I'll pick up a Balle Racing soon to compare the two. Thanks for the links and the info.
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