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CHDH Race!!!! aka GGG in 06 @ Carnegie

Get Ready!!!!!!!!the Groovy Gravity Games has changed to the CHDH
For 06 team wrong way has passed the torch to myself a few other diehard
moutain bikers.! We want to make this next race better than ever! Hopefully it wont rain on us this time.For the past 5 years its been a Great race and every year it gets better so this year we'll have More Jumps ,More Venders , More Swag,Bigger sound system,
DJs ,Monster Energy drinks "hopefully",T-shirts,photographers, Maybe a $100 freeway section contest for the fastest rider threw that section ,More practice etc......
.I'm going to build some stunts like the ones that were at the sea otter classic too .Also thinking about a wooden vert wall burm thing.Web site in the works for online registration/info/pics.
Since OLN said last year we couldn't use the words "gravity games "
We've come up with a new name CHDH ,Corral Hollow Downhill "info on the name below"
Team Wrong way is not holding the race in 06 but a few of there members are going to help out.The date I have for the race is March 25-26th,thats 2 weeks before the sea otter.I think it will be the 1st DH race of the year.
Phil Segura, Eric Sterner , Gravity skills /Tao Dillworth, my self Blake Von Knopka , Wrench will be in charge of the race .
You can go to & to see video of last years mud fest.I'll be posting more info when we get closer to March.
Hope to see yah there!
Blake VonKnopka
[email protected]
> The race is run at Carnegie State Vehicle Recreation Area,
which is
> located
> in Corral Hollow, a deep valley that runs from Livermore to
the San
> Joaquin
> Valley.
There's a short account of Corral Hollow history at this site:
> >

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BtownBlake said:
The mud fest was super fun, laughed soooooo hard it hurt!
What mud?? I belive that was clay i was sliding down. Next time let the Pros ride the soggy clay & save the dry for the old folks & little kids. Had a great time laughing myself untill the rain Really came down, oh well dats racin! :)
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