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Chattanooga...who wants more tech?

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No Ocoee, no Tsali, no Bear Creek, no Chillhowee, no ********.
Don't care what you ride, how ugly you are, how fat, how skinny, how you smell, how bad your breath is.
Not out to see who can pee the furthest.
Just looking for a like minded group of sadistic degenerates who like to see just exactly what they can ride....all about no dabs, hidden trails, pushing the limits, and having fun.

If you are around Chattanooga and are interested in doing some dirty, nasty, rocky, rooty, barely rideable trails that may incorporate gut busting climbs, epic distances, light freeride, getting lost, doubling back, snot rockets,and occasional profanity, drop me a line.
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Not my style but my 2 suggestions are go meet Zach Jaggers at River City as he and his friends like the harder stunts type riding.

It it's single track pain in the ass rocky no dab challenge you seek and long distances don't scare you, the Pinhotie trail from Dug gap to Snake Creek Gap. Dec 10 is a pre-ride for the Northwest GA SORBA chapters Time Trial and Jan 7 is the first time trial. Talk about a heneious trail.
I ride that setion of the PH pretty regularly...excellent trail for sure. I have met Zach & some of the others that do the urban thing here in Chatt, they were at the fat tire festival. Nice guys, very skilled. I have no doubt those guys could ride about anything around, but doubt they would be too thrilled about the miles in between.

I generally ride every weekend, bu thave got caught up in exploring new stuff. From what I have seen, almost all of the established riding trails around were built of pre-existing logging roads or hiking trails, or they were built from a very conservative XC perspective. But, if you get off the beaten path a bit and keep your eye out there are some unbelievable obstacles that lend themselves to very aggressive trail/ light freeriding.

It's out there, we just don't take advantage of it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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