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Charles Darwin N.P Trails / Darwin MTB Club?

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I'm going to head out to the Charles Darwin National Park in Darwin tomorrow (most likely - if I can pry myself away from the wife and kids) and can anyone offer any advice on what to expect? I did a quick drive by the trail head / carpark area a few days ago and noticed the recommendation for long sleeve due to biting insects but didn't get a real good look at the condition of the trail.

Additionally, is there any decent single track carved into it yet or is it confined to the hiking trail? I understand that the group who operate out of Cycle Zone in the city do go for rides there occasionally- anyone ever taken part?

Which brings me to my next comment / question - I have heard rumours from a roadie mate that after the Howard Springs Pine Forest day, in which 70 riders turned up, there are strong movements underway to get a club up and running. Can anyone confirm or deny or give contact details for the people driving this.

Surely theres someone from Darwin on here?! If not I may just have to buy one of those jerseys and let more people know about this rockshow.
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It'd still be pretty wet over there at the moment. I'm over in Cairns at the moment and it seems like the wet season never ended...
Wet here? I can't remember the last time it rained!

Unfortunately still haven't found the time to get over there which really is slack on my behalf as its only about a 10 - 15 minute ride away. Thanks for the reply though - have you ridden the trail before?
Nah just spent some time up there, wasnt really into the whole MTB scene at that point.
Hiya Mild - did u ever roll out to Charles Darwin NP? I am out in the northen burbs and am thinking I might venture out there. I also heard some rumours about people wanting to ban MTB riding out there, which has perked up my curiosity about what it is like out there.
Ha- lazy me still hasn't made it out there... works been ludicrously busy right now and I can't afford to get injured should the opportunity present itself.

I'm eyeing it off for after 15 september now though.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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