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Charger 2.1 Damper upgrade noise

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I have a Zeb R that I purchased a damper upgrade charger 2.1. I had the shop do the install for me.

What I am noticing is a new distinct squeeching noise on rebound. It is quite noticeable but most especially if I compress the fork hard and then pull up on the bars.

Is this normal or is this a symptom of an incorrect install or bad damper?

Here is video of it

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Squelching is two things:

Air being sucked through the damper ports, or oil.

It's unlikely to be air, since the cartridges are factory bled, but if the rebound quiets down if you open it all the way, it's probably oil moving.

Not a huge problem if it's functioning normally, imo.
My Pike Ultimate makes a very similar sound. As pointed out in the post above, opening up rebound quietens the sound down
Yes opening the rebound does quiet it for sure. Is this something all the Zeb Ultimates do?

My other current fork is a fox 40 which does not do this and I cant recall any previous forks over the years doing this.
Did you set the rebound for your riding?
If I close the rebound a bit too much, it makes noises too. 2.1 Lyrik.
my lyrik ultimate doesnt make any noise in rebound. make sure its bleeded coorectly, there is air in it
With rebound fully fast the noise mostly goes away but this is the correct clicks for the pressure I am running. I sent the video to SRAM and will see what they say. Will post that up when I hear back after the new year.
Some noise is normal on a return from a g out or similar but yours sounds louder and a different pitch than what I’d call normal. A hiss is how I’d more describe a normal one and not as obvious stationary cycling it. I think some YouTube videos of Yoann Berelli or others you’ll hear the sound I’m referring to.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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