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Well I can get the inline photos to work with my Yahoo! Photo album. So here's the report again with photos at the bottom. How tacky.

Original Post:
Road the Chantry area this weekend. The trail beat me three weeks ago (in the form of 8 stitches in my shin), so I had to go back and show it who's boss. Luckily I made it out alive this time.

I started from the bottom of the hill by the locked gate. From Chantry I rode Upper Winter Creek to Hogee's Camp. Someone had been doing some vegetation removal making the riding much easier than three weeks ago. However the removal was less than have way to Hogee's, but still nice to see people taking care of a great trail. The trail is still difficult to ride due to all the acorns and loose trail edge. The trail needs some edge work to re-establish the trail bead. The trail was narrow before and is even narrower.

As you can see from the following images the trail is rather hard to find with all the dead leaves. It reminds me of photos of trails back east.
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3

I stopped to take some photos of the scene of the accident. I caught by bar on the tree roots on the inside of the trail, which sent me flying over the edge of the trail. I launched head first where the small retaining wall is damaged, sorry trail builders! I came to a stop by the downed tree.
Photo 4
Photo 5

Nice photo of my bike outside Hogee's Camp just before the Hike-A-Bike up to Mt. Zion. I managed to ride some of the trail but find it faster just to hike. The trail would be much easier for experienced, in shape riders with some good vegetation removal and some minor trail work.
Photo 6 (In reply)

One last photo. This was taken in between Spruce Grove and Cascade Picnic Area. In all my travels riding in So Cal the stretch of trail between Stutervant Camp and Cascade Picnic Area is my favorite stretch of trail. One would never know they were just outside of one of the larges metropolises in the World.
Photo 7 (In reply)

After leaving Chantry I only saw two people the entire day and that was on the main trail to the falls. It was so nice and peaceful back there. Just wonderful.

I managed to break two spokes. I need to see if Pasadena Cyclery can fix them before this weekend. I want to ride either Saturday or Sunday. I think I'm finally going to ride the Idlehour Trail and hope to push on to Mt. Wilson so I can ride the Rattlesnake Trail (AKA whatever they renamed it). This also means I get to ride from Newcomb Pass all they way to Chantry too!

If people don't mind a really slow climber in the morning you are welcome to join me. You might have to wait for me at Inspiration Point and Mt. Wilson though. I will likely go Saturday if I can get my wheel fixed by then.


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