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So last week I went out and rode the Granite Bay trails just to check things out, having never ridden the MTB trails before. At one point the trail got REALLY soft and I started to slide off it just a bit....

That being said, yesterday at the Chanoko Duathlon, I was wary of this same point on the trail. I was so WARY of this that as I was looking at the place where I'd slid 7 days before I neglected to notice the LARGE TREE ROOT sticking out of the trail right in front of me.

Suddenly and for no reason that I could imagine I'm flying over the bars, bike flopping halfway on top of me during the landing. As 3-4 rider passed me, asking if I was OK, but nonetheless passing (damn), I was fine, trail was of course soft, but I really did nto know what happened. It wasn't until lap two that I was able to take note of this darn root.

Halfway through the second lap my calves cramped up, UGH. Also, walking the bike through the sandy areas did a number on my calves - otherwise it was fun and I will be doing it again!

Next three weeks will be work on HILLS and anything steep. Ya'all ought to check out an event sometime. Today there will be a bunch of folks doing sole MTB loops, sure they'll have fun too!
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