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Changing to caliper caps for Hope Monos

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Changing caliper caps for Hope Monos

Edit...not sure why Hope is stared out abouve...must be my typing torretz again!

Edir 2...seems ****ing ok now lol

Hi There

I am thinking of getting some M4 monos now that the caps are available in different colours. These caps are available for fitment only (not pre installed), if tyhe caps are removed do the brale need bleeding? I am guessing yes as i think they seal the caliper.

Can anyone confirm either way?

I think i'll get red caps with red centred floating calipers :)


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I believe that changing the caps requires a bleed.

However, if you order directly from Hope, I believe you can buy them with the caps, rotors, and levers of your choice.
I'll contact them. Thanks

Jerk_Chicken said:
while we're on it, what are those caps there for?
I think its so you can get the pots and gubbins out. the calipers are solid...they don't split in half like the old non mono ones....hence the name mono while i think about it, I think the o-rings used to leak sometimes on the split design and weren't as stiff.

Just ordered some from chainreactioncycles. I ordered a bleed kit aswell.

mmmm red shiney bits hehe.

They turned up at 8:15 this morning. Had them fitted by lunch. Got them muddy and wet by 3 hehe.

Going to wait till they are all bedded in and I am used to their feel before fitting the I know how thay should feel after I bleed em.

here are some picies...sorry about the quility. took them with my phone.

They seem better in the wet than my old hayes, still make noises when wet though...thats no biggy. Could lift the back wheel with one finger with out shifting weight forward at all when they were dry, I am sure they will get better aswell over the next few rides just like my hayes used to with new pads.

They are no heavier either than my hayes with 160mm rotors both ends, even though i opted for the 200mm up front and 160 rear.

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