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I finally built up my Supergo Burner. Now looking at the rear shock, I am thinking of changing it to a Fox Vanilla for its simplicity and realiability.. Here is what I know from looking and asking around.
1) I need a shock that is 6.5" eye to eye.
2) It needs to have a 1.5 stroke spring.

Please let me know if these are incorrect.

I weigh 190 with full gear. Will a 600lbs spring be good for me? I ride aggressive cross country.

I have seen shocks on ebay and at Cambria without the spring. Does anybody know how much a spring by itself will cost?

Lastly, Do I need any additional hardware, or can I use the bolts from my swinger?


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You've about got everything you need. The shock indeed has an i to i length of 6.5" and a stroke length of 1.5", and it sounds like a 600lb spring will probably work pretty well for you. As far as the hardware, the bits in you Swinger will not fit in the Fox, that stuff you will have to get from Fox or your local shop.

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