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Not much trouble at all. Should take about 30-40 min depending how efficient you are.
Since you are changing the oil, it wouldn't hurt to tear down the fork a clean it up a bit.

Things to keep in mind:

1) Taking off the rebound dial (red one) you don't want to strip it! Hold it firmly with you fingers while you undo the allen bolt.

2) When you take of the lock-out adjuster (bottom blue dial) be carefull not to drop the three little ball bearings that are inside of it. A dab of grease helps hold them in place

3) Remove all the oil inside the cartidge. Follow the steps Fox has in the manual. After removing the oil don't over tighten the upper insert (75in-lbs) or else it will warp the shims.

4) The foam filters can be a ***** sometimes - don't dislodge them when putting the lowers back on. (Saturating the foamy's with oil helps them stay in place)

5) You'll probably need new crush washers - so make sure you have em before you do the tear-down

Those, I think, are the biggy's
If in doubt READ THE MANUAL!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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