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Last night were perfect night riding conditions, so I headed out to do my weekly trail survey.

I wasn't riding hard, but it was easy to go fast since the conditions were superb and someone had blown all the leaves off the trail (that is a discussion for another time). I stopped to take a pic of a geocache for the trails mgr., and noticed another light bobbing and weaving through the forest a good way behind me.
I figured once I started moving again I'd never see them again.
I was wrong.
The other headlight darted through the turns on a downhill stretch, and I could tell they were hauling.
I did not want to be caught before the end of the trail, so I got on the gas.
I couldn't drop them, but they couldn't catch me.
In and out of turns.
Late braking.
Getting in extra pedal strokes wherever I could.
I held them off until I made it to the next intersection, then I waited.
He rode up laughing.
I said "That's as fast as I can go!"
"Me too!", he exclaimed with more laughter.
At that, we paired up and headed down the 3.5mi gradual descent to the exit.
We went a little easier, but still rode pretty hard.
At some points I was faster and his light drifted back a little, but it was soon right up on me again when we hit a section where he was faster.
Back and forth, dodging trees, lights flicking left and right. We talked a little as we went and found we know some of the same people (no surprise, right?). We saw cat eyes, deer eyes, and raccoon eyes along the trail. I could hear his tires take an alt line behind me. He could hear my front tire ping off a large rock. I could hear his rear shock bottom out (he was having minor issues). My rear tire skittered on a corner entrance.
We were pretty much the exact same speed, despite having different styles.
This almost never happens!
So much fun!

Have fun out there!

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