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Chameleon multi speed set up & frame date code

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Just picked up a used cham.,it came with a rear del. hanger for the drive side,but did not include a part on the non drive side.Do I need a part for the non drive side to go multi speed.....
Also does santa cruz use a date code on there ser. #,and or can someone tell me the year (ballpark) of the frame from the pictures that I posted...thx
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You can probably run it without one or buy a new one from Santa Cruz. As long as the wheel is aligned and tight, I think you should be fine.

As far as the year, there should be a serial number on the bottom bracket shell. The first two digits should give you an idea. My Chameleon started with 99 for 1999. My Heckler started with 2K for 2000. I am guessing the years after where 01, 02, 03, etc, etc.
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