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Chameleon Bottom Bracket Spacing Question

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I have a 2007 Santa Cruz Chameleon (68 mm bottom bracket) and I am installing a Tru Vativ Stylo 3 ring crank. My reading of the install sheet indicates one spacer per side for the external bottom bracket. Just wanted to make sure I'm reading it right. I have 3 spacers that came with the crank. Presumably the spacers are 2.5 mm and one per side makes the bottom bracket width = 73 mm. I have it set up this way and I'm having some trouble getting the front der. dialed in. Seems like I might need two spacers on the drive side?
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You do need 2 on the drive side and one on the non-drive side.
shockfinder said:
You do need 2 on the drive side and one on the non-drive side.
Are you sure?


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Nope...I'm absolutely wrong. I was just thinking about how Shimano works and evidently midread my instructions when I put on my singlespeed crankset. Very sorry. Hmmm...I wonder why it is that way?
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