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I was trying to perfect my chainline on my One9, because that's the kind of thing bored mechanics do in a bike shop when it's winter, and found that my 113mm bb axle was actually kind of long. With race face turbine cranks (chainring in the inner position) and my american classic wheels my cog needed a lot of spacers behind it. So I got a 108mm axled bb. It brought the chainline in closer to the centerline of the bike, which is really really exciting. Yeah. High five! So theoretically, if I had buckets of money, I could mount a new shimano dura ace crank on here, no? Anybody tried that on the Niner frame? That would be pretty.

Also, check my geometry- To find the distance from the inside of your driveside dropout to the center of your cog that would perfectly align your cog with your chainring you would do the following:
  1. Measure the distance from the tip of a chainring tooth to the seat tube.
  2. Measure seat tube diameter and divide by 2.
  3. Add measurements from steps 1 & 2 together.
  4. Subtract sum found in step 3 from 67.5mm (that's half the width of your rear hub).
  5. The difference from step 4 is the distance the center of your cog (assuming it's symmetrical) to the inside face of your drive side drop out when it's aligned with the chainring.

Did I make any errors?
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