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chainguide for 2007 Enduro carbon - jumping chain problem

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Ok I think it's time I need a chainguide for my 2007 Enduro carbon frame. This is not the aluminum frame so it's got no ISCG mounts. I reckon I will need some sort of guide that will attach to the bottom bracket but I'm not sure exactly what I will need. So please advise.

I've done some research and many guys are saying get the Blackspire Stinger because it's cheap, but I'm not sure if this will fit because looking at it I'm not sure where it goes. I'm new to this chainguide stuff so go slow!

Some note. The bike has the M970 shimano XTR crankset, but I've removed the big 44t chainring and put in its place an E13 bashguard already. So now the crankset has just the middle and small rings. Small ring is 22t, middle ring is 32t.

I guess I should mention the issue too. When I'm in the middle ring going down rock beds, the chain will drop to the small ring. When taking successive 1ft steps at decent speed, the chain will also drop. It doesn't drop every time, but about half the time which is enough to annoy me.

I have replaced the chain (shimano xtr chain), cut the chain to the appropriate length, and the chain tension is about what you would expect. Put in brand new Sram XO rear derailleur. Brand new XTR cassette. Adjusted the front derailleur many many times to try to keep the chain from jumping (which helps, but chain still jumping).

The only thing I have not replaced is the front derailleur, middle chainring, and crankset itself. They still look good.

Other than this problem I just described, there is no other problem happening to the chain. No skipping while pedalling uphill. None of that stuff.

So I reckon it's time I use a chainguide? and if so, what do I need? If you could list exactly what I need, I'd appreciate it.
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Blackspire Stinger is a good start since it's one of the simplest and cheapest chainguide you can get and it works well, just make sure you get the bottom bracket mount. I had the same chainguide on my enduro sl before going to a 1x9 set up. All you need is the BS Stinger chainguide. You basically remove your drive side bottom bracket and put the chain guide in between the frame and the bottom bracket. You tighten the guide using the bottom bracket as supposed to the bolts on an iscg mount.
^ thank you. I'll probably go with Blackspire Stinger.

I found another thread on MTBR discussing what you just said too.

My next question is which type of Stinger should I get?

I checked here:

and apparently there are 2 types:
1) Stinger E for E-type derailleur (is Shimano XTR deraillerur considered an E-type?)

2) another type is just called "Stinger". And within this category, there are sub-types too.

Not exactly sure which type (and subtype) I should get. Please advise.
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Update my own thread.

I just called Blackspire and the representative told me to get the regular Stinger for bottom bracket mounting.
(in the above link, it's the lower-right one, the one with smallest hole in the middle).

Well that's it.
okay, i was just starting to type a reply. yup that's the BB mount.
E13 Drs

I use the E13 DRS on my 2009 enduro pro carbon, ride many rocky tech sections and have never dropped my chain. Just make sure you don't use a perto based lude on your chain, it will mess-up the roller.
chauzie: can you post a pic when you get it done... im thinking of putting it on my stumpjumper but im still thinking about the idea of putting one on a XC/trail bike.
here was my stumpy with the BS Stinger. sorry about the size but i dont have a close-up pic of it.


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^ nice
Question. Does the chain guide make the chain noise louder during normal pedaling? And does the bike feel like it's dragging more weight?
Nice wheels btw, Like the rear mud guard!

if you have a pic, could you post yours?
No extra noise because of the guide and there's no dragging feel at all. occasionally on really rough and rocky sections the chain would still drop, might just be my chain tension though. but since i hardly use the granny, i replaced the stinger on my enduro and went single up front.


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Nice bikes, glad the setups worked for you guys. I have an e13 drs on mine but I bought the 36 tooth and am still running the 32 middle ring, so on occasional rough sections the chain drops, but only cause the middle ring isn't big enough for the chainguide. Ill be stepping up to a 36t pretty soon.
e13 DRS

This is my enduro, the chain system is working well for me.


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what's the ring size of your middle ring? is it a 32t? I have a 32t and I'm wondering if that might be a bit small for the chain guide to work effectively (meaning I'd would still get some chain drop in really jerky or rough sections?). Hmm...
I changed out the 32t with a 36t, so 22 - 36. With this combo I have a better gear range. Also I added a spacer to the bottom bracket, without the large chainring anymore I was able to straighten out the chain line a bit.
so you have a Shim XT crankset. Where did you get the 36t chainring to fit this???
I have the M970 XTR crankset and I've been looking and looking and it doesn't look like Shimano make any other chainring size (beside 32t) for this M970 XTR. I wonder if I could just stuff your 36t chainring into my crankset??? It's a 4 bold 104mm BCD (so standard stuff).

they make an XT 36t, but it was on backorder... So my LBS ordered a raceface 36t, looks and works the same.
Shimano chainrings have ramps and grooves in them that are designed for the chain to shift easily.
Does the raceface chainring have these same (or similar) ramps and play nice with the shimano granny ring?? both upshift and downshift.
can you give me the exact raceface model of yours?
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