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Chain tightness?

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I was wondering how tight the chain needs to be? I have a 42 chainring in front w/ a 16 rear cog w/ a tensioner.

Right now, when I pedal w/ bike on stand the tensioner gets sucked up.

The tensioner is at a 5 o'clock I guess at a 45 degree. Chain seems pretty tight. The chain line looks good. Not sure what I'm doing wrong?


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what do you mean by sucked up? Is your chain skipping on the sprocket?
If i'm picturing it right, it sounds like you have quite a few extra links in your chain. This is probably limiting the amount of teeth on your rear sprocket that are actually engaged in your chain, causing it to skip. Take some links out and see how it goes.
Post a picture of your setup if this wasnt the problem.
iro 29er model 19

Just ordered one in red from the iro website 22 inch FOR 249.99 with free shipping:) I have all the components for the bike build.I will post pics as soon as posible.I did research on other frames for this price to good to pass.
Recommend you get a tensioner that's capable of pushing up and try again.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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