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chain tensioner compatible with Paul Word hub?

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i want to finally put a tensioner on my bike. the chain seems ok with a 32/17 ratio, but the chain bounces around a lot. i was thinking about getting a DMR tensioner but it looks like that one is mounted on the frame by the skewer, and i don't have a skewer. the bolts on my Word hub are a lot bigger than a skewer, so would this tensioner work on my bike? i like the urethane roller design because it seems a little smoother than the Singleator that i was going to buy.

if the DMR doesnt work, what would be the next best thing? it also has to be not-so-expensive, so the Soulcraft one is out.
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Hit up Fishergirl on mojo, I gave her a Surly Singulator a number of years ago that I doubt she's using. If all else fails, ask Car!os to hang on to any junk rear derail. you can use that as a pull down style. Also keep an eye out for the dude making the Square Taper EBB here on MTBR, might be just what you've been looking for
thanks bob. i am actually working part-time at Bike World with Carlos, so i will keep digging around here for spare parts to make this work.

the other idea i have is to fabricate some sort of spacers for the Word bolts with an off-center hole in the collar so that they can be rotated, pushing the axle back a tiny bit. i only need to hube to be pushed back about 1/16" of an inch to tighten it.
Ah cool, I'll bring the spare axle to BW and leave it in the service area for you.
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