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Hi, I just bought a '08 Spot and I'm now setting the bike up. I'm using most of the parts from my MotoLite, but some stuff I had to buy new. My ML used a low clamp FD, but the Spot needs a high clamp, so I bought the SLX dedicated for two chain rings, but I'm experiencing some problems. When I mount the FD as slow as it gets without interfering with the lower suspension arm, it's still not low enough to keep the chain from slapping the lower cage bridge. The cage is also to high going over the outer chain ring, maybe 5mm or so.

Is this a common issue? Any tips on how to make it work? Maybe I have to pull out my Dremel?

My setup:
Middleburn 24x36
SLX front deraileur
11-32 XT cassette
Crankbroher Cobalt ISIS

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So have you tried to cycle the suspension yet, it looks like the swingarm and the der. cage are going to make contact during compression with the der. that low. The cage is designed to be run at a height of maybe 10-12mm above the middle ring so that it can clear a bash guard and shift properly and not contact or hit anything.

The der. position in the first pic actualy looks just right.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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