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Chain Skipping - Relatively new cassette, chain

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The chain skipping on the 3 lowest (smallest diameter) cogs under load has been getting progressively worse on my rockhopper. I'm only doing 25 miles per week and just got the bike last August.

I took it into the place I bought it and they measured the chain, checked if any links were sticking, and looked at the cogs. They said that the cogs didn't look too bad.

I'm stumped! Every time I take off from a stop and put load on the thing, Pow!! Over and over until I get speed up. (Its not the derailleur. When the chain skips, it stays in the same gear).

Any one have any ideas? Photos attached. Thanks!!!


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Sounds like the you need to adjust the derailleur closer to the bottom of the cassette. Its the B-Tension screw on Shimanos.
Thanks, my derailleur is a sram x5, but I'll see if I can find it's equivalent. I'll post back after I test.
bent hangers will also cause this phenomenon.
Thanks, The hanger looks ok, but there is a bit of lateral give where the hanger connects to the derailleur. I'll go find my alan wrench and see if I can tighten it up.
This is going to sound self serving, so I apologize in advance. Looking at your photos, the chain looks awfully clean, and I see the beginnings of rust on the edges of the rollers. Not necessarily a terrible thing, but it makes me wonder about your chain's lubrication.

Depending on your lube, water can enter the chain carrying fine silt. When the water evaporates or is slung out, it leaves the silt deposited between the plates, making the chain stiffer. That causes the chain not to wind onto the smaller cogs properly, making the chain climb up onto the tops of the teeth and skipping.

Bringing the RD up and forward to move the jockey wheel closer, and/or increasing chain wrap will help, but the right answer might just to clean and lube the chain properly to maintain maximum suppleness.
Update: Moving the derailleur closer to the cassette as tonyxcom suggested made a SIGNIFICANT Improvement! It only skipped 2 or 3 times on my commute this morning, and only in 7th gear. A little more fine tuning should wrap this one up.

I'll also get some chain lube as FBinNY suggested.

THANKS For all your help!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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