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Chain Skip/ not dirty/ new casette and chain

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Ok, I installed a new chain and casette about two months ago. My bike also has a 6 month old X-9 derailer and 6 month old SRAM cranks along with a 6 month old rear cable.
Problem: within the last week, my chain is starting to skip; not with pressure, but just while cranking lightly. My shifting is perfect so I cant imagine it being any adjustment. The only thing that I can think of is maybe I left the chain a link too long when I put the new chain on a couple of months ago. But if that was the reason then why didn't it skip then:confused:
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Hi. I went through the same thing just recently. My chain (CN-HG53) was jumping, and I have fallen because of this by loosing my balance @ 18 MPh in the woods. It was nasty, but anyways check from the back side if the front chain ring, cassette & both pulley's on the derailleur are in the same plane. When you hit the derailleur it usually bends, it might be the dropout only, but in worst case it's the derailleur. Check every link of your chain for straightness. Maybe it's twisted. Hope it helps. A.
+1 on bent derailleur. I have had this too.
Sounds like a bent hanger to me, too. I would also check chain for a bent link.
when your riding around see if its skipping on the top of the cassette, if that's so then its probably the hanger like other people have been saying. If its not I'm guessing its one of your chain rings, check to see if the chain skips when your in a particular chain ring if it does that's definitely the problem.

you should pretty much always replace the middle ring whenever you do a drivetrain overhaul just guess it gets used so much.
Ok thanks, I will do that. So no response on the length of chain being the problem.
a shorter chain would create a little bit more chain tension so it could maybe mask the problem. But I've never had this problem where the length of the chain was the cause.

one thing I just thought of is that your cable tension could be a tad off to where it wouldn't affect shifting but the r.d. wouldn't be sitting centered on the desired cog and it wants to shift a little bit but it can't causing the skip.
I've found that replacing individual drive train parts led to skipping. Try a new chain if the other suggestions don't work.

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