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Chain Ring Bolt options

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I have a 2009 Trek fuel ex 5.5 that I put a bash guard on. I didn't even ride it that much last summer because of my 29er :D but the Truvativ bolts I use seem to fall out? They loosen up and then there gone! I went to the LBS and figured I would give them another try but this time with lock-tight. I really don't want to get rid of the bash guard but I am not spending all this money all the time on these bolts. What other bolts are out there that may be stronger or made of a harder metal?
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The first thing I would suggest is loctite and setting the bolts to the crankset manufacturer's torque specifications. Otherwise, chainring bolts come in two lengths, perhaps the larger size is needed when adding a bash guard? I dunno, just a guess.
Yea Loctite should hold them, with the proper torque!
Dude, Loctite shouldn't even be a last ditch effort. That should be on every time that you set those bolts. And +1 on torque. Truvativ seems to have rather high torque specs on anything crank related so you have to really crank it (within specs of course). And @BigRuckus, the 2 bolt lengths are designed for fixing 1 chainring(such as a single speed or 2x10) or 2 chainrings using the same bolt as in most 3x set-ups. But based on the thickness of the bash guard, and assuming that you don't already have a 3x set up, that might be an idea that works. Just make sure it's Loctited and torqued
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