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hey guys i dont know much about what im doing but im trying to learn as i go, i just got some new parts today and fitted slx cranks and new pedals to my bike and i also got a new chain as the old one is knackered, the chain i just purchased was a HG93 and my old one is a HG too so the links are the same size and everything, i was going to take it to a bike shop and get the new chain fitted but they said ill have to wait til the 29th to get it done so im going to attempt it myself,

here is a picture of what im faced with:

the new chain is 3 links longer than the old one as you can see i laid them both out side by side so.... should i snap the chain at the point where ive drawn the arrow, once put back together it will be the same size as the old chain if i break it there.

also when putting back together i have to use the special pin it says which is in the packet there but it is huge could anyone tell me how to put this in because there is a rounded end which i assume going in first then u break that end off once in place,

any help would be appreciated if enough gets cleared up im gonna go out and buy a chain snapper quickly and attempt it, thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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