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chain replacement, NEED help

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I reciently started doing my own maintance on my bike since i dont have to cash to keep showing up at the LBS eveytime i abuse my bike. its about that time i replace my chain. i just put on a new cassette(i have xt everything also an 8 sp). do i need to go w/ a shimano IG chain? if so, what would u recommend? ive thinking of the ig 90 8 sp. because of cost, but im still open to anything else out there that would be more durable, and give better performance. like i said, im new to doing my own maintance, so i dont really know whats compatible other than being toldthat hg stuff goes w/ the ig chain.
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The SRAM PC-59 (or are they calling it the 950) are great -- it's all I've used for a while now, and it worked great in the past on 9 speed cassettes. Plus it comes with a Powerlink connector, so no more "special pins" to screw around with.

Don't use an 8 speed chain on a 9 speed cassette (if that's what you were asking). You can do it the other way around (9 speed chain on an 8 speed cassette) if the situation presents itself.

i got a couple emails that were mostly saying dont mix an 8 spd. w/ 9..... looks like i didnt word my question very well...does it matter what brand of chan i buy with an xt cassette and xt chainrings?? eg: sram, wipperman....... or will any brand chain work with the shimano hg cassette??????
Any brand.

Personally, since switching to SRAM chains years ago, I don't believe I've broken one on the trail, and shifting performance was always crisp on Shimano cassettes.

On the other hand, others say they've broken more SRAM chains and feel that Shimano chains on Shimano cassettes offer superior shifting.

In any case, any brand will work on your XT rings & cogs.
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