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Chain Pops Off Chainring

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Hello everyone, I'm looking for some expert advice. I replaced a RaceFace chainring with a Salsa chainring; both are singlespeed specific (e.g., no ramps or pins). Now, the chain occasionally pops off under heavy load. The chain is in a straight line between the rear cog and chainring, and there is little slack in it. So, I'm confused as to what is causing the problem. Any ideas about what might be causing the chain to come off? Thank you for your help.
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I think the lack of sufficient tension might be the problem... the other time I set my Rennen tensioner pushing down on the chain it kept getting loose and popping out. Now its set up nicely with the tensioner pushing up on the chain and wrapping the cog more so a dropping chain has never occured so far, and doesnt seem like it will occur! ;)
little slack? How much slack do you consider little slack?

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