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hello, i have a ventana x-5 that has the big ring removed and a bash guard instead....xt cranks and cassette with sram shifters and x7 rear derailer and sram pc561 chain...i'm haveing trouble with the chain jumping off the middle 32t ring and going into the small ring or completely right off both front rings to the only does it when i'm putting alot of torque to the cranks and in the middle of the cassete or in a really hard gear and the back wheel is banging over the rocks..sometimes it just makes a pinging noise like its going to do it but doesn' seems like it does it when my cadence is slowing down and i'm trying to power over the rock gardens while the bike is bouncing around....i thought maybe it was just the chain slop doing it so i took off the big ring and put on the bash guard....and also took out 4 links of the chain......the whole drivetrain is only around 1 or 2 months old and looks good with no noticeable noticeable play in the botton bracket ( it has the shimano outboard bearing type)...the spring tension on the rear derailer seems to hold the chain snug.... i also just rebuilt the rear freewheel bushing in the mavic crossmax rear wheel hoping that would good so far....i thought i might try a differant type middle ring up front...a type that doesn't have so many pins and ramps....any ideas? thanks for the help...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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