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I spoke to a guy at the LBS about my plans to build an 07 Kona Coiler and he was pretty adamant about me ditching the double ring w/bash up front for a single with a chain guide. I still want to ride trails as in XC but want to hit 2'-3' drops and maybe more when I get confident enough.

His argument makes me think. His take is that I should stand up to climb, keep my hardtail for xc'ing and have a dedicated FR rig cause not if but when the chain falls off guaranteed I'll go down. Anyone have this problem?

Yes I can stand and yes I do believe the chain will fall off but it seems like there are is ro should be an alternative to the single up front with a chain guide.

Aside from that he suggested clipless pedals. I've always been a fan of platforms. Didn't and still don't like the idea of having to buy extra shoes for riding and having to pedal on those special pedals if I don't have my shoes.

Any thoughts / solutions / opinions?

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da_eddio said:
er yeah, a chain guide designed to run with a dual chain ring set up, like the blackspire stinger or e13 drs.

Never had my chain come off on drops, jumps, or DH. I am not the baddest shredder but I have never had an issue. Blackspire Stinger and a mid cage rear der.


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