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I've broken my Sram Hollow Pin chain twice now on my 1x9 setup. This past weekend I broke it on a race which really threw me behind. It has never broken at the quick-link, always away from it.

Im running XT RapidRise rear der. w/ X0 cassette (not sure of the model number, its got the red spider) and my Hollow Pin chain. I upshifted right before a short hill, torqued the cranks and it snapped. I keep it clean, very well adjusted, etc. I was not having any shifting problems, everything was running great. The only little thing that caught my attention was a very hard engagment into the 2 largest cogs. It seemed to really "clunk" into these.

Anyways, Im throwing on another chain (SRAM) this weekend and I'm going to make the switch over to the new 07' x9 rear der. and rear shifter. (1x9)----Also, I have thought about possibly switching back to my 2x9 setup, any reason the 1x9 would cause the chain breakage?--I'm running a 3rd eye chain guide as well.

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