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Stopped at the bike shop on the way home to pick up a new chain. They had Sram, Shimano and Wipperman all in stock in a couple different models.

I stood there for a moment looking at them and their different prices and such. I went with a Sram 951 since its what I currently have on my bike.

Do any brands or models have better or worse shift or operation characteristics that the other? Just curious. Or is a chain just a chain and all thats really different is weight and life expectancy?

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I'll Second That!

Rohloff chains are the best IMO; Hands Down.

I'd rate Shimano and Sram about the same. Still very good but a bit off from Rohloff.

And I've been disappointed with Wipperman. I have one of their stainless chains and it shifts great in back but it is very reluctant to move from chainring to chainring.
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