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For years only rode 1/8" chains on my SS and this has worked well.

I'm looking to buy an UNO chainring for my Middleburn cranks. They come in 2 flavors: width that is for 1/8" chains, and width that is for 8, 9, 10 speed chains (of course you could run a 1/8" chain on the narrower ring).

The likely benefit of going with the dedicated 1/8" ring is that it is likely thicker and and should wear better. I do have easy access to 1/8" chains and find the quality and functionality fine (just stay away from the SRAM PC-1, non-nickel plated).

Biggest downside of a 1/8" is probably weight, but I like to think they last longer.

The thinner ring would obviously be more compatible with any chain I have lying around.


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running 1/8 on a middleburn now and do think the ring wears well, but not a big difference in chain wear I feel. Been rotating 2 chains only gone through one rotation each am about to do it again as I can just see a bit of slack forming, but may get another chain and do the same. Had the set up for about 2000 hard k's.
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