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My Cernitz 29er is almost finished. Cernitz Bike is Neil Cernitz, who resides near Portland, Oregon. Neil basically just needs to paint it. It should look pretty awesome when he is done.

Neil builds the frames and does the paint himself. He is a one man show. Here's a couple of shots. One of the headbadge his is working on, and one of the unpainted frame. I also threw in a picture of the last frame he built for me, a singlespeed cross frame. I rode it more than my carbon Lapierre geared cross frame last season.

If anyone is interested in a full custom frame I highly recommend Neil. Of all of the frames I have had built for me, his are the most detailed. I put my lugged cross frame right up there with frames by Vanilla. Amazing stuff. Just know what you want and Neil can build it. If you don't know what you want, then I suggest going elsewhere...Neil will ask lots of questions of you in order to nail what it is you are going for.

Weigh on this frame is about 4.1 lbs. about a half pound less than my Curtlo 29ers, and about almost a half pound more than my cross frame. Cost is starts around $800-$900 bucks and goes up depending upon how fancy you get. If you get really fancy with S3 tubing and so forth, it is probably about $1000 to $1200. That is just approximate, bug him for details.

his blog:


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