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Ceramic Pads on "Resin Only" Rotors?

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Hi guys,

After wearing out my Resin pads on 1 wet ride, i went out and got some ceramic sintered pads and also some semi metal pads from Alligator instead.

I am running the Shimano SM-RT63 160mm rotors and Shimano M485 hydros.

I'm just wondering if the use of the ceramic sintered pads or the semi metal pads will destroy my rotors in no time, since it is written on it "Use Resin Pads Only". Well, guess i'm not good with following instructions.:rolleyes:

Can anyone advice?
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Well it may not....

wear out your rotors in one or two rides, but it will deffinately wear them out in short order. That's the reason they're marked "resin pads only".

Good Dirt
Either use Organic pads...but save yourself some money and improve your performance by using EBC Green which can be found at 1/2 the price of Shimano pads


Upgrade your rotors
I have been using ceramic pads on those same rotors for approaching a year on a bike that runs all season. So far both the pads and the rotors are holding up fine. The rotor doesn't show abnormal or heavy wear so far and the power of the ceramic pads vs the stock resin one are far better that it outweighs the rotor's life.
Who cares if it wears out your rotors, you want new ones anyway.
sorry guys, i checked the rotors again, it is actually SM-RT52..sorry for the mistake.

But anyway, like vk45de said, well, i would want new rotors anyway. But the cheaper rotors are all the 6 bolt types, do the centerlock adapters work well enough?

and do the rotors that doesn't discriminate ceramic pads would have issues with quicker wear running with it? for example the RT62 or even the XT ones?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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