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Ceramic bearings

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I ride in dry Wyoming with little mud etc. I posted earlier regarding a new crank set and external bearing BB.

Is there any benefit to running ceramic or hybird bearings in my BB - weight, resistance etc.? If so, which type of bearing or bearing company is best?


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A guy i know has ceramic bearings in his bike, and it is a lot easier to get started in big gears. I'm not positive thats because of the ceramic bearings, but I can't think of any other reason it would be like that.
I tried ceramic bearings on my road bike in the bb, wheels and jockey wheels....different mfgrs and some were hybrid and some were the upper end ceramics.

The results were all the same.

They felt good when I installed them ( but so don't brand new high quallity bearings).

They all galled when ridden in rain.None lasted a season.(one of the reasons they feel good is light seals and little or no grease)

They all were expensive to very expensive. They lightened my wallet and I didn't have to worry about extra cash laying around.

I now just replace bearings just about every year or so with standard high quality bearing from a bearing house.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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