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Hey folks:

So, this weekend I converted my 2010 Flash F1 to a 1X9. When removing the front derailleur I noticed that the little black, plastic cable guide that mounts to the bottom of the BB shell was loose and could slip around.

I've been getting some shitty shifting on my rear derailleur the past few rides and now I know why. When I shift all the way up to the big cogs in the cassette, this plastic piece slides a little inboard/outboard. Enough, to make me max out on pulling cable with the shifter and not get the chain up on to the large cog (really frustrating when you're climbing singletrack and your bike is making obnoxious "Ch-chung, chang chung!" noises as the chain searches for a home).

Anyway, I had to secure it as best I could with some zipties but I need to get a new one. Looking at them, it appears they just snap into place. There's a hole (about .25" diameter) in the bottom of the BB shell and the black cable guide snaps in place.

Anybody else experience this?


Photo below of my ghetto chain guide (grape fruit spoon), but you can see the zipties where I secured the cable guide:
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