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First off, thanks a ton to shiggy, the x-men and all of the volunteers for putting on another amazing race. I was one of the DNFers that had serious heat related issues on the second trip up 1910. I was also on a 29er, and as much as I love my bike I doubt that being on big wheels gave anyone any advantage in the heat. It was a real beatdown. A bummer for sure, but considering the rate of attrition it is just the way it goes.

Some of the racers might remember seeing me laying in the dirt/shade on 1910 pouring water on my head trying to cool down. It was a sight I am sure. I struggled with my demons for what seemed to be an eternity, and when I realized how much the heat was affecting me, started back down 1910. Even then I kept stopping and considering going back up. Sunday that wasn't in the cards for me. The sting of not finishing still lingers.

Again, huge thanks to all of the volunteers for their hard work keeping the racers going.

My race was going as planned as far as nutrition, hydration and pace. Too bad I was not acclimitized for that kind of heat.

My tang Niner One 9 with a single crown Maverick was flawless, comfortable and super fun to ride on those trails. I could go on and on about the quick handling, stability, speed, etc. but by now we all know how sweet 29ers ride.

Thanks for an amazing race and selection of trails for us to sample shiggy. I am certain I am not alone in saying shiggy's presence will be missed next year. Good luck with your next venture!

The Tire Mountain singletrack was insane! I can't wait to come back for more exploring. Any other reports out there?

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My thanks to the volunteers that make the 'Puff possible:

I am grateful to all that helped make this year's - and every other -
Cream Puff happen and successful.

I can not begin to remember everyone, there are so many.

I will mention, for special thanks, lswing and Sasquatch (our volunteer coordinators), General Coonskins, Mudflaps, Justin and Misty (who run Aid 3 for 10 years), Britta, Kate and Steve Shuman (food, aid stations and moral support), the X-men, the whole Disciples of Dirt mtb group (DOD), the local am. radio clubs, City of Westfir, The Middle Fork Ranger District of the Forest Service (99% of the route is National Forest land).

It could not have happened without you.

I received many compliments from the racers and the crews: The food was
great. The aid support was amazing. The course awesome.
I accepted the praise and credited and doubly thanked all of you to them.

We are blessed to live and ride in such a wonderful place and you are all
great people to be so willing to give of yourselves to share it.

Thank you, each and every one.

Thank you to all the riders who come, have fun and have spread the word about the event and Oregon. You are a joy to work with.

shiggy, 'Puff promoter 2000-2006, finished​

There is a thread on the Oregon board with pics and there are pics on the DOD site.

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Thanks Shiggy!

We have enjoyed the Puff for the last 5 years of which I've raced (or ridden) 4 of those with one year off. Thanks to all the volunteers to help make the Cream Puff possible.

I too was one of the DNFer's due a couple things. Yes, the big wheels was no match for the heat.

Cornfish, I saw you at the start, was on a SIR 9 with 1x9 gearing. Nice ride! There was one more SIR 9 in Kermit green as a one speed rigid, he dropped out too. Nice to see more of the big wheels there.
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