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CCCX CX race on 1/17/2010

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Anyone planning on heading to fort ord for the CX race this weekend? I'm seeing 70% chance of rain on race day but you know those CX folks love bad conditions (must be an attempt to balance the boring-ness of road riding).

I will probably be out there to take some pics; perhaps a bit too late to race in the C category. Plan to also do a ride from there if weather permits.
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I'll probably be out there taking pics as well - thought about entering the SS, but decided to just chill. My brother is racing and my nephews race in the kids stuff. My older nephew took first place on his new Intense mini-racer at the SCCX this past weekend :) . Pics from the SCCX here:

Do you think CX folks are more road oriented or more MTB oriented? All the CX folks I know are all mountain bikers more than they are roadies. :)
I've seen many familiar faces at both event types but most of the riders are just more fit than your standard beginner MTB group. The C class in CX are almost like sport in MTB. You don't really have the casual rider doing CX - no real point if you got a MTB. However, some of the more competitive riders will race all year long, which means road, CX, MTB ... and there are some CX riders I never see at MTB races.

I guess my remark was based on a recent video I saw about the sport of CX, and how it gives a break from the "seriousness" of road competition, providing a funner, often muddy, entertaining environment.
My first exposure to CX was in '92 (I was still BMX'ing back then), but all my friends were leaving the 20" and racing CX. My brother has been racing since then... and even the kids I went to highschool with are racing in the Nationals and such.

I grew up in Santa Cruz, so the scene was pretty popular. In fact, we used to hang out in Paul Sadoff's shop and ask him to weld our broken BMX frames between his Rock Lobster frames - right there across from McDonalds!

If I were to do it, I would not ride my MTB - I'd ride my cross bike - but then again... I'd probably just show up to ride around the course for last place (I don't have much of the racer mentality) - I'd rather not throw away an entry fee.

If it's not raining, look for the purple BMX cruiser. (I don't know what's up with my face in this pic.) I actually rode that bike like, a half-lap at the last race in Aptos - my brother wanted to show me the course.

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