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Not sure how many MTBRites made it out there today, but here is what ya missed!

I think there is 21 pics. I had a very hard time narrowing them down from the top 40 that I have :)

It was a little cold, a little windy, and at the end it started to rain, so I had a blast. I think I'm getting close or I've already figured out my "style" of cycling images.

Hope ya'll enjoy them!

The entire gallery is here.



3. I love when they give you that look!

4. We got a little sprinkling during the day.





9. Then the weather changed, and it got really dark and cold.


11. Sometimes it just easier to jump

12. Then the rain came. I processed these to go with what I feel the mood is.


14. Yes, he held it. Got close though

15. Same corner

16. We're following the leader, the leader, the leader, we're following the leader, wherever he may go (Peter Pan)

17. Closest finish of the day. The race was won by about half a tire tread.

18. The look of defeat

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Timmy C!

Haha! That look of determination on Timmy C's face is classic! He looks like a freight train rollin' through the station. In the words of Timmy himself, "the fat kid got his glory"...even though he was sprinting for 2nd. Terrific photos, Scott. Great work.

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You're in trouble!

I'm telling Mom!

PsychoCross is the same thing as skinny tire, road biking, spandex wearing....uhh, wait, I do that.........never mind.

Great pictures!

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