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Announcing the first CCCMB Trail Work Day of 2010!

Please join us this coming Saturday to help salvage the Botanical and Morning Glory trails. The recent rains and heavy trail use have left nasty erosion and water channels at the upper parts of this trail system. These urgently need to be repaired before the next big rainfall in order to prevent increasingly worse damage. ANYBODY who can join us is definitely needed, as there is nearly a mile of work to be done.


Saturday, January 9th, 9:00 AM


We are meeting at 9AM at two locations: Veteran's Hall in SLO (at California/Monterey) and Stenner Creek trailhead. However, because the majority of the needed work is within a mile of the Botanical trailhead, we prefer that EVERYONE meet at the Vet's Hall in order to shuttle. We need as many people working on the upper section as possible. Alternatively, there will be a crew leader waiting at the end of Stenner Springs road (at the bridge) to walk/ride up with, in anticipation of working upper Morning Glory.

Map link -


You, and two or three friends who like to play in the dirt.


Recent water channels in the center of the trail will get much worse with the next significant rain. We are really hoping to get a BIG turnout, as this seems to be one of the most devastated trail systems in the county. The workday event menu includes the following tasty items:

1) fresh, large-scale water diversion efforts on lower BT;
2) routine maintenance of some of the established drains on upper BT;
3) minor redirections of the MG trail, away from the channels that have developed in the last few months.

Tools and some food will be made available, courtesy of CCCMB and Trader Joe's

Join us!

CCCMB Regional Trail Crews

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