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CBCC 4 Hour Enduro (plenty of happy snaps)

The sun was hot, the track was fast, he started first and finished last!!

Saturday saw a decent turnout for the CBCC 4 hour Enduro at Turners Beach.

Four hours of dirt, sweat and fun. Who could think of anything better to do to fill in a Saturday arvo? :p

There were plenty of laughs throughout the day, and plenty or tears. The demanding track was quite a challenge for a 4-hour event, but it seemed like bikes were breaking before the riders. Not sure if that was a good thing or not!! :D

At least everyone was in one piece at the end this time; this track has a nasty habit (and quite a reputation) of breaking bones!!

With some new single track, and a slightly different layout to previous races, it took a couple of laps before most found their groove.

With the razor sharp timing software now figured out by the timing team, we found out that quick lap times were around the 23-minute mark, but lap times generally varied from 23 to 40 minutes or more once the day rolled on.

A couple of solo nutters were holding steady at sub 24-minute laps all day. Unreal.

The teams also put in some awesome efforts, with some blistering lap times being thrown down to make the cut-off time.

Overall the day was another successful event. Riders endurance will be stretched yet again early next year with a 6 hour at the same location, so get out on that bike and get ready!!

Props go out to Dan the man; this dedicated guy never stops working. We owe him a lot. Also a big thanks goes out to all of the volunteers for their track work and general help. :)

Results at soon.

Cheers, Dave.

· Gone riding
3,348 Posts
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Just look at that!

Stop smiling, you're supposed to be in pain!

There's a trail there somewhere...

Steve rolling out of the single track.

Flying out of the single track.

Don't give me that look!!

Rolling into the dipper.

Matt rolling over the lip of one of the roll-ins.

All broken...

Hydration in the timing tent.

Post race chat.

Redraw, that Number 11 is upside down! Presentation time. Thanks for the laughs Ben!

Goodbye from the Cow. This poor sucker copped some abuse during the course of the day!
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