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CAUTION! art...

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I've been experimenting with a little 35mm pinhole camera. pretty interesting results.
no focusing, just open the aperture for 2-3 seconds (by hand) and keep your fingers crossed.
the first two are at red rock in topanga. the second two are shot up in granada hills, ca – after the fire in the fog pretty spooky up there.
who can guess what bike it is?



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I love the mood in the thrid shot with the smoke.

you should talk to mtbbrian. he's taken a lot of MTB shots with his holga. if you don't find him here, post over on photography review.
Santa Cruz Superlight or Heckler... Nice pics!
Definitely gives it that old time look. I especially like the bottom left shot, looks straight out of a horror movie. Dead bike and all.

We made those in photography class in high school, I had forgotten all about them.
Screw the art, it's science. ;)

But cool stuff, Alex. When you say 35 mm camera, you have a pinhole that you replaced the lens with?

I put some foil over my "lenless" DSLR once, poked a hole in it and did some similar stuff. Using old techniques on modern stuff is kinda odd, but fun.

But you can learn a lot about optics; DOF and diffraction in particular.
science, art... same thing.

The camera is a kit of sorts, you can buy and put together. It uses regular 35mm film. The one we built in school usually would use photopaper and produce an inverted picture. The exposures would have to be a lot longer, too.

Foil and DSLR that sounds like a cool thing!

indyfab wins, it's a santa cruz SL...


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I've taken a few with alu foil over the lens mount on my DSLR

it's fun

here's my old SS

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hey... it's out of focus ;-)...

fun stuff... my dad was realy into photography when i was younger... always wanted to play with a pinhole camera but never got a chance... maybe one day...

kewl pics guys
lidarman said:
Screw the art, it's science. ;)
I'm sure Benoit Mandelbrot heard that more than once. ;)

No matter the the thought process, the end result is captivating. Nice work alex(K).
I hope you'll make your fame here on mtbr through pin-hole photography threads. :thumbsup:
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