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Caught in midair

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From the banner at IPTM
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one word: photoshopped :rolleyes:
kaboose said:
one word: photoshopped :rolleyes:
Not just photoshopped, though. Over the top photoshopped (while still trying to look "real"). The "victim" isn't just getting hit by a car, he's being run down by a Corvette on a country road, and being sent cartwheeling through the air. The "artist" even added an unidentifiable object that was sent flying along with the rider.

It may be more effective (and hilarious) in context. And, undoubtedly, I have a twisted sense of humor.
Nope it is real. My brother's cousin was there when it happened. They were testing a new EMP for cars when this biker came from out of the hills. Craziest thing he has seen in a while.
Isn't your brother's cousin your cousin too? Then again this did happen in the south so who knows.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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